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Smokey Glitter Cut Crease - Cat Eyeliner TUTORIAL

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Sherree has demonstrated her highly requested Smokey Glitter Cut Crease with Cat Eyeliner Full Look. - Going in-depth showing how to do full face applications, eyes, liner, brows lightly filled in , lips & glowy collarbones. - In-depth video showing exactly how Sherree cuts her crease, apply glitter so its vibrant and gets it so sharp and defined - Full face demonstration and how to make your makeup look 'heavy glam" without the "cakeyness" , The tricks to getting an intense highlighter glow that looks PHOTOSHOPPED, True smokey undereye. - How she positions her cat eyeliner and the way she cleans it up to give that bold statement wing, applying her favourite fluffy lashes and lets you know her absolute favourite lash glue. - Sherree will show you what she uses to take her instagram content with and the lighting she uses & recommends. - Pre Recorded in HD video - Spoken in English - Can be viewed AS MANY times as you like - All products & brushes will be listed - List of the lighting used for recording, ring lights she recommends for your studio

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